Workplace Mediation

Workplaces are complex and so are the issues that sometimes arise!

Workplace conflict can often be tough to navigate and sometimes a neutral, third party is required to sort through conflict and disagreements to ensure your business can run smoothly.  It is often difficult when people just can’t seem to get along or get stuck on their opinion (position) instead of the best interests of the people involved (interest).  We have the expertise through our Workplace Mediation Services to help co-workers, managers or both understand each other so that your business goals can be reached in a more harmonious environment.

By following an Interest Based Mediation approach, our mediators can bring people and teams together to better understand each other and what makes them tick, in order to facilitate a path of working with each other instead of against each other. It is important to find out not only WHAT people want but more importantly WHY they want it.

We have the experienced and certified expertise to help you understand and relieve workplace conflict by guiding and empowering the parties in conflict to find their own resolutions by participating in mediation.  Our experts will facilitate an interest-based mediation process which focuses on the needs, desires, concerns and fears of each party, rather than their position. We utilize a structured but informal process whereby our experts work through these areas for each party and in the end, each party will gain a better understanding of the other and will get their needs understood and their concerns and fears addressed.  Through our process, the participants will create and own the solution, and therefore will be more invested in its success. This is often called “The magic of mediation”.

Where can you apply mediation?

  • Employee conflict
  • Leadership conflict
  • Customer / Business Owner Conflict
  • Vendor / Business Owner Conflict
  • Termination package negotiation
  • Workplace grievances
  • Resolution of Communication Breakdowns
  • Team Disagreements
  • Power Imbalance in Negotiation