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Erika Deines


Erika Deines

Is the owner of Deines & Associates and works with Maes Divorce Consulting as a Chartered Mediator. Erika utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach (neuroscience, philosophy and psychology) for optimal outcomes for my clients who are faced with divorce.

With over 20 years of consistently satisfied parties, Erika has mediated contractual breach / business partnerships; workplace / employment; family business / estate divisions; municipal planning / bylaws; landowner / energy developments and family matters.

Through the years Erika Deines has been able to hone her knowledge and skills in the conflict resolution field in a variety of ways; as civil court mediation program coordinator, facilitating the successful integration of mediation programs in two provincial courts; as executive director of education for the ADR Institute of Alberta; as mediation advisor for the Alberta energy regulator; as mediation associate in a family and divorce organization; as instructor of conflict management certificate programs for various universities and institutes, as well as private contracts with government and corporations.

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