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Dr. Heather Saunders


Dr. Heather Saunders EdD, MEd, BEd

Heather is an accomplished Family Mediator with over three decades of experience working with families. Her commitment to promoting effective communication and resolution within family dynamics is evident in her extensive professional background and mediation philosophy.

Professional Background:

Heather’s impressive 30-year career in education has equipped her with invaluable skills for mediating complex family issues. Throughout her career, she has successfully guided numerous families through challenging situations, fostering understanding, and facilitating amicable solutions.

Mediation Philosophy:

Heather firmly believes in the power of open and empathetic communication as the cornerstone of conflict resolution. Her approach emphasizes the creation of a safe, compassionate, and mindful environment where all parties involved can freely express their concerns, explore their interests, and collaborate to find customized solutions. By prioritizing the individual interests and needs of each participant, Heather aims to reach agreements that withstand the test of time.

Personal Interests:

Outside of her professional life, Heather enjoys a range of activities, including yoga, hiking, skiing, and spending quality time with her own family. These interests reflect her dedication to personal well-being and the importance of family bonds.

Credentials and Training:

Heather is recognized as an Accredited Family Mediator by Family Mediation Canada, underscoring her expertise and commitment to high ethical standards in the field. Her academic background includes a Doctorate degree from the University of New England, a Master’s degree in from Yorkville University, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of New Brunswick. She also engages in ongoing professional development to remain current with the latest mediation techniques and best practices.

Heather is a seasoned Family Mediator with a passion for helping families navigate challenging situations. Her wealth of experience, dedication to ethical mediation practices, and commitment to fostering positive outcomes make her a trusted and reliable choice for those seeking resolution in sensitive family matters.

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