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Divorce Litigation Support


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    Divorce Litigation Support

    Maes Divorce Consulting offers litigation support with a Financial Expert to work alongside legal counsel.

    Working with a Financial Advisor to provide litigation support can decrease the costs associated with organizing and processing disclosure, preparing additional questions for counsel to ask opposing counsel, point out potential tax Issues and brainstorm options, which will free up legal counsel’s time.

    Benefits of Litigation Support for Legal Counsel

    • Financial Experts eyes to review and organize the financial disclosure
    • Process Disclosure into a Property Division Statements; prepare binders
    • Create a comprehensive list of missing disclosure
    • Provide support calculations
    • Quarterback other professionals required on the file
    • Free up your time to allow you to focus on the legal aspects

    Benefits of Litigation Support to Client

    • Financial Expert education on the financial consequences regarding property division and support
    • Ease the time commitment of your Lawyer to review and prepare financial disclosure
    • Bring clarity to the table

    To understand more of the benefits, connect with a Family Lawyer that Maes Divorce Consulting currently provides litigation support.

    What is Litigation Support? Click for helpful resources.

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