Separation Agreement Mediation and Drafting

A separation agreement will outline all financial, parenting, and legal matters of the dissolving marriage so both parties can move forward with a clear understanding of the path.

Negotiating a separation agreement is an essential part of a divorce if you have property or children.  Maes Divorce Consulting follows a step-by-step approach that is customized to your needs. The first step upon engaging with us is a one-on-one touch base meeting to understand each parties story.  Next, your Financial Expert will lay out all the financial disclosure that is required to gather in order to conduct the property division.  The disclosure is reviewed, and a financial meeting is set with the parties either together or separately to develop options for the property division and support payments. After a financial agreement has been reached it is time to discuss the details of the parenting plan.  All negotiated terms will then be drafted into a comprehensive mediation report. The goal is to make informed decisions.

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) is an important next step. Maes Divorce Consulting will support you by connecting you each to a Lawyer for ILA and the drafting of a Separation Agreement using the details in your negotiated agreement.  Legal counsel can be on standby during the negotiations or you may wish to engage in Lawyer Assisted Mediation.  Lawyer Assisted Mediation is where most if not all meetings have legal counsel present. Maes Divorce Consulting also offers Divorce Litigation Support where mediation is not an option.

We provide a customized approach to your divorce without cutting corners.  If you have agreed on everything pertaining to your divorce, this is wonderful, however the full disclosure process is still a necessary step in order to ensure you are both making fully informed decisions.

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