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Financial Planning & Wills


Financial Planning & Wills

As you move through the financial disclosure negotiations you may feel overwhelmed about your future finances.  Financial Planning is a service we offer either during or after your property division decisions are made.  We find that creating a clear financial plan using the variables that we are negotiating in your agreement, will help you to make educated decisions and put your mind at ease on what your new financial future will look like.

Our Mediator is a Certified Financial Planner and has been creating plans for more than 20 years.  If you require more assistance laying out the foundation of your financial future, a Financial Plan will help.

Maes Divorce Consulting can support you to plan for your future by developing your wills.  Your financial picture will change after separation or divorce, and your children’s care may look different upon separation, so we can support you with changes to your Will or a new Will.  If a Power of Attorney or Personal Directive is what you require, our Financial Expert can support your needs.

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