Thank you for helping me through what could have been an expensive and even more traumatic period! The service you provided was exceptional! You helped me (us) navigate through the agreement so seamlessly and expediently; that now I am sleeping a little better at nights.

Ros O.

Divorce is not an easy step to take and I didn’t want the lawyers ending up with all my money, so together we decided a Mediator would be our best option. Micheline was recommended, so we made an appointment to hear what she had to say.  I was immediately impressed by the way she handled our questions and gave us information I hadn’t thought about.  She is extremely knowledgeable on every facet of getting a divorce and handles every topic with sincerity and honestly.  She made me feel completely comfortable about asking her anything.

Rae D.

I was grateful for the direction and support that Micheline gave me during a difficult process.  Throughout our meetings, I gained insight into my present financial situation and also understood how I could proceed and make good decisions regarding my financial circumstances as I moved through the divorce process. Micheline listened carefully to my concerns and provided excellent feedback through conversations and documents that evaluated and clarified my finances.  She addressed all of the financial issues that caused anxiety for me.  I will always appreciate her professional care and advice.

Laurie N.