Micheline Maes

Is the owner and primary Mediator of Maes Divorce Consulting.  As a highly trained financial expert and divorce mediator, Micheline uses her trained financial eye and her passion for helping families to reach custom divorce resolutions.

Experiencing her own pitfalls of the divorce system, Micheline decided to use her years of financial expertise to help families navigating separation and divorce.

Micheline has a solid understanding of high conflict personalities and is comfortable working with them.  Micheline’s goal is to empower families so that they can make fully informed decisions that benefit their families.

As a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and an RFM (Registered Family Mediator), Micheline is trained to support both the financial and the family sides of divorce through negotiations that leave you in the driver’s seat.

As a single parent, Micheline has a “get the job done” type of attitude that she attributes to life on the ranch and raising her beautiful children and grandchildren.

Micheline shares her vast divorce and financial knowledge at the IDFA conferences, CIEPS conferences, and the Elder Planning Conferences.