Divorce Mediator & Owner

Micheline Maes is the owner and primary Mediator of Maes Divorce Consulting.  As a highly trained financial expert and divorce mediator, Micheline uses her trained financial eye and her passion for helping families to reach custom divorce resolutions.

Divorce & Workplace Mediator

Patti Is an experienced and strategic professional with 30 years facilitating, coaching and honing her communications skills dealing with people in conflict that has naturally transitioned her into a Divorce and Workplace Conflict Mediator.

Divorce & Workplace Mediator

Erika Deines is a Chartered Mediator who supports families to reach resolution in family conflicts. For 20 years Erika has used her ability to connect in order to mediate a fair outcome for couples.

Max Wiebe CPA, CA, CBV
Kevin McClelland CPA, CA