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What We Do

About Maes Consulting

The mediation process is flexible and traditionally costs less than negotiation or litigation.

What We Do

No matter the approach, we will be there every step of the way during this life transition. Our Financial Expert will bring clarity and understanding to your financial futures with an outcome that is fair for both parties.

We believe children are not a bargaining tool in the divorce process. The focus will always be on your children’s best interests first as we support you to reach divorce resolution through mediation.

Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals will work with you to offer a methodical step-by-step mediated approach to reach resolution in all matters of divorce.

Micheline Maes

Divorce Mediator & Owner

Erika Deines

Divorce & Workplace Mediator

Dr. Heather Saunders

Divorce & Workplace Mediator

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Providing a custom approach to family’s needs and dynamic.

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